Difference and Similarities Between BPO and Call Center Jobs in this Modern Digital World

We have noticed that people use the terms BPO and call center interchangeably. And if you ask me on this matter, this is wrong also it is not.

Let’s see what they mean and include before directly jumping into their comparison.

What is BPO Services?

BPO is an acronym of Business process outsourcing, it is a practice in an organization to delegate varying business operations and tasks to offshore companies (third party contractors). BPO services involve both the core business activities like technical support, marketing support etc. to undertake and non-core activities like customer care and support.

This is done to save overhead cost and time which improves productivity and risk mitigation, an effective makeover of business.

BPO services include many business tasks:
  • Accounting support, Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Various marketing support, Social Media, SEO, content writing
  • Call center services include, lead generation, calling support, chat support, email support
  • Back office tasks, Data entry, data management, data conversions and various administrative operations

What is Call Center Services?

Call center is truly a subset of BPO where business operations are related to taking care of customer care support through calls, email and chat. Companies are preferring Call Center companies to generate leads for them through outbound calling.

Call center services include more tasks, such as:
  • Lead generation through outbound calling
  • Provide email and chat support
  • Provide customer care via inbound calling

As we learnt, let’s look at BPO as using the word Jacket in a fashion world.

Jacket is an umbrella term which is being used for many styles, such as anoraks, sport jackets, blazers etc.

So is BPO in various industries.

BPO is a much broader term to use when it comes to outsourcing services. Where Call Center is just a part of it handling tasks specific to customer service support.

Differences between BPO and Call Center Jobs

Factors come into play when we talk about differences, i.e. client requirements and circumstances. Circumstances include if clients are looking for more than one service to outsource and what’s their budget.

Call center companies are also called inbound call center services where they hire thousands of employees to take care of their one task which is customer support.

Whereas BPO also has thousands and more people although assigned with different business operations as per their skills. Setting it as assisting organizations with their expenses and other crore/non-core business tasks as an extension of business associate.

So if a company seeks to outsource accounting services, call center services, market research and IT services, then it should go for BPO companies. It will not only help in getting all things at one place but also save noticeable cost.

Companies prefer to go to inbound call center service providers for call center operations where they get a dedicated team of employees solely working for them. Main advantage here is that call center companies are not distracted with other business operations where BPO companies can be due to their nature of providing various services.

About Salary, usually call center jobs provide lesser amounts than BPO jobs due to how widely it covers services. Despite years of experience and company’s demand, call center employees have similar salaries whereas BPO employees get a hike on a yearly basis.

Similarities between BPO and Call Center Jobs

Call center is a subunit of a broad term BPO. Both of them focus on achieving customer satisfaction by providing skilled customer and technical support services to their clients.

The common skill requirements for Call center and BPO jobs are proficiency in language as per clients, outstanding communication skills and basic computer knowledge.

Besides, both aim to deliver fast results to leave a good impact on customers which happens to promote a brand and its services.

You now know which company to approach for jobs as per your skills and desires.

Pick a BPO company when you want to explore front office tasks to bask office operations and pick a call center if you want to move ahead with consumer support which requires excellent communication skills and language proficiency.

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