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Business Process Outsourcing Services Company India
Business Process Outsourcing Services India contracting standard business functions to third-party service providers. Relying on this method of operation allows a firm to streamline its existing operations and increase efficiency with services at hand without compromising on areas outside the obvious skill sets of the firm.
Ideally, organizations assess the processes necessary for its operations and bifurcate the ones that are not a part of its core value propositions. This includes processes that are common and similar to most businesses, such as payroll, accounting, etc.
In itself, identifying these processes requires a good understanding of the clear business operations in the organization as well as strong business process management.
Based on the organization’s individual needs, BPO contracts can involve outsourcing complete functional areas, such as specific departments to a single vendor or choosing to outsource certain processes within a functional area.
Under its umbrella of BPO services, Key-CMS specializes in Inbound Customer Support / Call Centre, Email Support, Chat Support, Lead Generation Service, IT Virtual Assistant, and technical Support.
The breadth of our Business Process Outsourcing Services India extends to industries such as Telecommunications, Healthcare, e-commerce, Logistics, Technology, Automobiles, Real Estate, Energy and utility, and Finance.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing India
With Key-CMS, entrepreneurs and businesses not only save time but also reduce costs, reduce risks, improve productivity, enhance process consistency, strengthen brand protection, simplify operations, and overall organizational excellence.
Our BPO team of specialists researches your operational processes, assesses your business’s individual needs, creates customized solutions, and offers a basket of BPO services that fit your business like a glove. With the help of integrated intelligence, innovation, and deep industry experience, we help businesses drive value and growth.

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Customer Support /Call Center

Customer Support /Call Center

Get experts to assist your clients at every stage of the service, improving the overall customer experience.

Email Support

Email Support

Address the concerns of your clients online with the help of a specialized and trained workforce.

Chat Support

Chat Support

We Offer Chat support Assitant through messaging app and online bot platforms to ensure that your clients are well taken care.

Lead Genration Services

Lead Genration Services

Focus on your business operations and leave the hassles of lead generation to our experts.

Technical Support

Technical Support

Provide technical support to clients without occupying your valuable team members for the task by outsourcing to us.


Sway boards can be a private place to think, or a shared workspace
for collaboration — you're in total control of who sees what.
Smooth Business Activities
Fast Decisions
High Accuracy
Responsibility Delegation
Optimized Processes


Our services are customized and designed after understanding your business needs to ensure maximum benefits to you.
  • 01.

    Our team works with you to analyze your business processes and gain a deep understanding of your Accounting needs to better understand the project.

  • 02.

    We collect relevant information about your business and Accounting needs, understanding your expectations so we can move forward with an agile sprint plan.

  • 03.

    A system and documents are designed as per your specific requirements, which helps provide solutions that optimize your overall services.

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Instead of using an in-house team, why should I use Key-CMS services?

With our services, you can improve the efficiency as well as the effectiveness of your existing business processes.

What industries does Key-CMS serve?

Our Business Process Outsourcing Services extend to industries such as Telecommunications, Healthcare, Ecommerce, Logistics, Technology, Automobiles, Real Estate, Energy & Utility and Finance.

How will Outsourcing help me save costs?

Outsourcing business processes frees up you and your core team to focus on crucial tasks that directly affect the company’s functioning. By outsourcing, you can save yourself from the additional overhead expenses of hiring in-house experts.

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