Best Healthcare Call Centre companies in 2022

In the words of McKesson, a healthcare call centre is a body, “that ensures that every patient is set on a positive path”.

It is very vital for every healthcare company to aid itself with a genuine BPO service because no matter how advanced the times are, people still prefer human interaction when it comes to their health.

Well, here are a few healthcare call centres that have been rated the best in 2022.

1. Key CMS

Key CMS is one of the best outsourcing companies that works to accelerate the growth of your business. Rated by millions, it is one of the most hired services globally. With the best BPO services, Key CMS manages to provide patients with information about resources, services and illnesses. It also deals with appointments and informs patients about their care plan.

With an empathetic and energetic group of people, Key CMS outranks the rest of the service providers. Besides, their huge network and commendable work ethic not only draws in new clients but also retain the old ones.

2. Fulcrum health services 

Located in Kolkata, Salt Lake it is one of the best health service providers that use comprehensive methods to monitor and detect diseases. Fulcrum healthcare centre specializes in offering laboratory, X-ray and radiology services.

Fulcrum is a GCC-approved medical analysis centre in Kolkata. Starting from conducting daily tests to providing D. G shipping certificate it facilitates everything. With an abled BPO service, their business runs well even on call and chat. Moreover, they hire highly skilled individuals that look after the needs of the customer base.

3. V3 Outsourcing Sol private limited 

This is a rapidly growing outsourcing company which is situated in Kolkata. Starting from outsourcing, consultancy to looking after ITes industrial needs this company is an expert in everything. It is often hired by healthcare service providers to help them manage their clients and spread awareness about their services.

4. Ottobock Healthcare 

Otto Bock healthcare is technically a 100 year old multinational company that works to provide standard rehabilitation facilities. With a successful experience of 20 years in India they are presently the National experts to restore mobility.

Besides, with the entire focus on patient’s engagement this company offers inbound and outbound communications for 24×7.

5. TATA Medical Centre 

Situated in Kolkata and owned by Ratan TATA, this medical centre works to aid the cancer patients specifically. It promotes the cure and prevention of cancer. Moreover, children suffering from cancers are taken special care of.

However, to assure all over wellness, a large sum of it’s profit is donated to the weaker sections of the society. To ensure a smooth and buzz free appointment process, it is also supported by a skilled BPO team.

6. Fusion BPO Services 

To meet our business specific needs, Fusion BPO is one of the best management companies to partner with. Their deep domain and expert team, backed with advanced technology elevates our business success up to a great level. It is one of the best and most reliable BPO service which is often hired by medical groups to manage their resources and appointments.

With their commendable work ethic they are quite popular in oversea countries as well.

7. Vcare Call Centre India Private Limited 

Vcare call centre is a private body working to provide outsourcing solutions since 1999. This organization offers business specific and strategic outsourcing solutions to both big and small scale establishments.

Based in Noida, it has its corporate offices in downtown Seattle. Their friendly and communicable team not only manages appointments but also provides additional services to help you focus on the broader picture.

8. Concentrix

Apart from dealing with technologies, Concentrix is also known to deliver top notch healthcare services.  With the perks of HITRUST CSF certification it provides compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Well, the compliances that it offers include

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Strict standards for PCI

Concentrix is assisted by a well-networked BPO service that creates awareness about illness and insurance. Moreover, it also looks after managing the daily appointments.

With their expertise in deep domain, they are quite good with the outsourcing of healthcare and pharmaceutical services. They provide end-to-end services which are aided by advanced technologies and operational strategies.

9. KAP call centre Pvt limited 

KAP call centre located in Bengaluru, India is a Non-government call centre company. It is mostly known as the “ company limited by shares”. With a capital amount of 10 lakhs, the company owns 10% of paid-up capital which turns out to be 1.0 lakhs in total.

With a successful experience of more than 4 years, it offers satisfactory services to cater for the needs of its customer base. It offers outsourcing of a wide range of products, healthcare awareness being the prime among them.

Starting from 24×7 customer support to 24hrs of desk support it works to resolve all sorts of issues.

10. Ibex Global Solutions 

As the name suggests, Ibex Global Solutions is one of the best call centre companies that work to provide world-class services globally. Starting from perfect outsourcing to providing contact centre services it provides everything to enterprise the clients.

Unlike other companies that offer both voice and chat support, this company specializes at present the clients with a complete suite of voice-based services. Apart from outsourcing, it also manages appointments and verifications of insurances.

Besides, they are also experts at promoting the services of the hired organization and creating awareness.


Call centres are a pivotal part of almost every business. They not only work for promoting customers’ convenience but also helps in managing the business. Call centres are the only body that brings both the service providers and the patients on the same platform at too at minimum prices.

Moreover, they bridge the distance between the front and back office and also give their best in taking effective care of the patients.

Well, if any health issue concerns you or you feel like renewing your health insurance make sure to make a call to any of the above-mentioned companies to get your work done!

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