How To Outsource Software App Development?

Outsourcing software app development can help you in many ways like you can shorten the time to market, decrease project costs, and improve the quality of your product. That’s why around 52.5% of all IT companies have outsourced software development at least once and the demand for outsourcing increasing day by day.

This article is all about a handy guide on how to choose a software app development outsourcing company. With this article you can also learn the typical working and paying models in outsourcing so you can select the best one.

In-house development vs Outsourcing

Software developers play a very important role but an in-house team of software developers might be expensive. Also you’ll need to find specialists in software development who have proper experience, provide them with space and equipment, and cover all other expenses associated with in-house employees.

In addition, sometimes a fixed team often brings a limited scope of knowledge and experience, so this type of issue can be resolved by dedicated software development agencies with different specialists.
An in-house team is the best choice when you have a grand idea and many software development projects so that you can afford all the terms in one roof. As app that needs close collaboration with your business and is planned for years ahead, something revolutionary, not too restricted in either time or funding. If that’s not the case, consider outsourcing.

Benefits Of Outsourcing App Development

Extensive Expertise

There are many benefits of outsourcing development because they have many similar implemented projects or outsourcing companies have combined wide expertise in business domains and tech solutions to solve issues swiftly. That’s why, they have a better understanding of the app requirements, primary goals, and priority app features, as well as how to address common issues with popular technologies. Outsourcing companies with good experience could have a broader view of industry trends and act like business consultants to guide your project growth.


Well-skilled developers in offshore regions like UK, US or India cost less. This is especially relevant for companies with offices in Silicon Valley, New York, and other destinations that are very expensive to live in. Also due to high competition for talent in those regions, it’s not easy to find developers, thus hiring takes much more time and can be very expensive. That’s why outsourcing is good because there is no need to create, maintain an entire department, and bear the costs associated with it.

No Micromanagement

It takes lot of time to on hiring, training, and retaining employees. Businesses can better focus on business development and operating processes while outsourcing team handling development. Engineering team management, development velocity, and quality assurance are delegated to the outsourcing team. This means the client can only focus on their work without any work load.

Options For Outsourcing App Development

Freelance Developers

Freelance developers offer attractive hourly rates and have relevant experience, but there is one problem is that the lack of guarantees and the protection of client’s data that can jeopardize the whole development process. When you hire a freelancer you hire a hand or head which may be a skilled developer, but the management issue that the company needs to implement or hire as a freelancer is not closed.

Off-the-shelf Solutions

These are usually the cheapest option and quickest to launch but such solutions are difficult to customize and transition from if there will be a need to move to another system. Moreover, off-the-shelf solutions don’t imply swift updates and changes in response to the market needs, which is not flexible within business necessities.

Development Company

A team assembled based on the client’s precise needs and organizational model can be an end-to-end development to build an app from scratch or an in-house team extension. Building an app with a software development company provides you with more flexibility than off-the-shelf solutions, better time to market, better quality, and fewer risks in comparison to freelancers.

5 Steps to hiring outsourcing app development team

Here are some steps to consider to find perfect specialists among outsourcing app development companies existing today.

Step 1. Know Your Requirements

Before hiring outsource app developers, you need to have a detailed definition or understanding of your software or a project you want at the outcome.

Step 2. Find An App Development Team

You need to select the type of outsourcing software application development team. Types include onshore, nearshore, and offshore.

Step 3. Check Portfolio And Communicate With Previous Clients

Before selecting any of the company, or filling in contact forms on their websites, you need to go through their portfolios.

Step 4. Select Service Model

To hire outsourcing app developers you need to choose among project-based, dedicated teams, or outstaff working models.

Step 5. Choose A Payment Model

It is very important step to consider like for a dedicated team or a project-based working model, you can choose among fixed price or time and material paying models.


Outsourcing app development reduces costs, increases team productivity, and allows delivering the project within schedule. Key-CMS is known as the best outsourcing software app development company as the company is providing great services to the world.

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