How Customer Support can help in reducing High Churn Rate?

How Customer Support can help in reducing High Churn Rate?

How Customer Support can help in reducing High Churn Rate?

Are you facing a high churn rate in your new business? Want to know more about how customer support can help in reducing high churn rate? Then keep on reading the rest.

As digitalisation has accelerated, digital channels have given a new lease of life to Call centers around the world. But Call centers today face an even more pressing challenge – higher employee turnover rates – aka Churn rates. In this competitive age, Customer Churn seems to be an important challenge that a modern business can face.

Want to know more about customer Churn, and how it affects your business? Let’s see:

What is customer churn?

In product management, the ‘leaky bucket’ is one of the popular analogies.  If your business is a bucket, you can continue pouring as much water (customers) into it as you want, but if you have a lot of leaks you will never fill the bucket.

Customer churn rates are these kinds of leaks. Customer churn is that situation when someone chooses to stop using your products or services. In fact, it is when a customer stops being a customer. Monitoring your churning rate can answer a few different questions. Like Does our product deliver what customers expect? How does our churning rate affect our Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)? What’s the average customer lifetime?

A good product manager knows that paying attention to the churn rate is another step towards understanding your customer base and how well you are serving their needs. The customer churn rate can be calculated by using the formula:

(lost customers ÷ total customers at the start of chosen time period) x 100 = churn rate%

So, standing in 2022,  How Customer Support can help in reducing High Churn Rate? Let’s find out:

How Customer Support can help in reducing High Churn Rate

Adopt a multi-channel approach when interacting with customers

Generally customers do not see your organization in terms of different categories and communication channels. Technological advances and digital channels can play a major role in reducing customer service problems. But systems that are not integrated can cause more problems than solutions.

A report has found that consumers will use nine channels to communicate with a company to get the results they want. While web chat, social and website are growing for preferred communication channels, respondents have irresistibly declared their preference for telephone as their primary channel.

Implement a customer on-boarding program

To avoid customer churning in the first place, you need to have an excellent customer onboarding program in place. Customer onboarding refers to the process by which new customers use your product or service in the easiest way to achieve their goals.

Customer onboarding refers to the process by which new customers use your product or service in the easiest way to achieve their goals. This will give the customer instant gratification to sign up or buy for your product.

A welcome call from you can certainly make your new customers feel welcome. You can use a call center service to make onboarding calls, like

  • Your first onboarding conversation must be followed by a personal welcome email.
  • Help them by providing additional services
  • Discuss with the customer how they want to move forward and work in line with their expectations.

Replicate your customer’s experience when they call your organization

There are some self-serve, cloud-based platforms that actively monitor important business telecommunication services and give you peace of mind that your numbers are working as they should. They help Voice Assure’s in-country and Voice Assure interstate products give you the option to schedule automated testing on a scale from more than 70 countries around the world.

Make it easy for your customers to respond

The more you know about your customer experience, the better. Here the call center services play a huge role. Customers want to know that you are listening to their needs and wants. One of the best ways to do this is to ask for feedback about your brand, call center and agents to find out what they like and don’t like.

You might consider asking your customers to complete a small survey after each call. Another option is to end each call with a question about how you did it and what they will improve for the next time.

Identify Risk Customers

No company can stop 100% Customer Churn. They can try to identify the problem and fix it to prevent churning at the right time.

In most cases, customers leave because they are not satisfied with the quality of the product or service. So you must invest your time every week in identifying the risky customers.

Here’s how you can identify risky customers:

  • Customers who call your office with questions or complaints often need training or other services. You should give them some self-service manual or quick training to keep them interested in your products or services.
  • See customers with lots of open tickets. You can manage these tickets and solve the problem through proper follow-up by turning your disgruntled customer into your company’s messenger.

Give your agents the ability to ‘think outside the box’ when handling customer complaints and issues

It is important that your agents are sympathetic and understanding while on the phone. Training an agent in the true sense of the word will prove that you have invested in it, increasing both the motivation and the employee retention rate in your organization. Role playing and refresher training sessions are some of the ways you can support your agents and build company culture.

Instead of responding sporadically to your agents, why not make it part of your daily or weekly activities?

Identify low volume items in your call center outsource and try to improve the product and service. Keep in mind that feedback can be positive or negative, and can come in a variety of forms, such as surveys, scorecards, and KPIs.

Measure the amount of delay your customer experience in one call

As mentioned above, a call latency is a major source of frustration for a client while on the phone with an agent. Some of the latency tests mimic your customers’ call flows that allow you to measure the amount of delay in your customer experience. The test allows you to actively measure and measure any delay. Through repeated testing, the latency test identifies where there are differences over time.

look how importance of Call Center and can help in reducing high churn rate:


Churn within an organization is inevitable but it is important to track and improve your churning rate over time. As your business model matures and your company continues to grow, your churn rate should improve over time. Here you know about How Customer Support can help in reducing High Churn Rate.

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