The top 10 outbound call centres to check out for your company!

Outbound call centres operate with the outgoing calls, that is, call their customers for sales purposes, surveying or market research purposes.

Why do you need an outbound call centre in your company?

Outbound Call Centre services have proved to be a stable and important part of every business and startup, providing the best quality customer services and setting a landmark for the company in the global market.

Outbound call centre outsourcing services effectively generate leads for a company. It solely depends on expert services and experienced representatives.

Customers, when met with excellent call centre services, feel valued and automatically prefer your company over others.

How can call centre outsourcing improve your company’s engagement? Find out here!

Therefore, the importance of call centre outsourcing services in a company has no bounds.

Wondering how to choose the right call centre service for your company?

Here’s what you should look for in a call centre outsourcing company.

  • The right outbound call centre will understand your business and find the most suitable ways to approach your client regarding sales, surveys and queries.
  • Outbound call centre service representatives will find ways to interact with your customers and promote your brand name on the channels and platforms to collect the maximum number of leads.
  • Call centre outsourcing companies will integrate with your business and take over the customer service aspect effectively.
  • They will improve communication with prospects and engage them with the company, building a bond of trust that ultimately creates a positive vibe for the company and results in satisfied customers.

Ready to choose the right call centre services for your company? Here are the top 10 call centre outsourcing service providers in India, who will be just right for your company!

The top 10 outbound call centre services.

1. Key Carrier Management Services Pvt. Ltd. (Key-CMS)

Key-CMS brings along the best call centre outsourcing services to a company and helps it reach new heights.

The company hails decades of experience in the field of outbound call centre services delivering the best call centre services improving and enhancing communications.

Do not just take out word for it! Our base of satisfied clientele speaks about their experiences with us.

We are backed up by our team of professionals who are certified and immensely skilled in the field of call centre services and strive to generate the maximum number of leads for your company.

What makes us better than the best?

  • Automated attendantWe are experts in integrating a digitised attendant to your business to perform the repetitive parts of a sales call, yet making it easy for customers to reach human agents at ease.
  • Quick and queued callbackOur outbound call centre services ensure that every call is answered. We ensure quick answering calls and queue our calls by time and importance.We also choose to receive calls when the client is available as per their schedule. This proves that we value our customer’s time.
  • MonitoringWe provide efficient monitoring of business calls to identify customers and elevate our customer service by identifying our loopholes and managing them to meet quality standards.
  • Avant-garde analyticsWe are equipped with advanced analytics that helps understand your business progress through charts and data models.We hold our expertise in tracking user data in real-time agent performance with live dashboards.
  • Call RoutingOur outbound call centre services easily route customer phone calls to the related departments in the enterprise for successful answering.Find out what extra Key-CMS can furnish you with and what sets us apart from the rest!
2. Cerebra Integrated Technologies Ltd.

Set up in 1992, the company is one of the top call centre services provided and holds experience in providing call centre outsourcing to numerous businesses to date.

The firm provides several benefits for the company and manages its outbound calls.

3. DataAngle Technologies Pvt Ltd.

This Hyderabad based firm was founded in 2017 and is one of the leading providers of customer support services and call centre outsourcing to improve the customer services of a company.

With this company, you are sure to get wonderful and quality services.

4. Octopus Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

With more than 8 years of management, this company is fitted out with some best infrastructures and provides quality call centre outsourcing services.

The team is a group of committed professionals who are known to provide customer support to a huge extent.

5. Solution BPO Services.

The company has been successfully providing call centre services since 2022. It has worked with loads of industries and has helped them reach new heights.

They are based in Ahmedabad and are renowned for providing call centre outsourcing for successful industries.

6. PeopleTree Knowledge Services Pvt. Ltd.

The company is known for providing a vast range of digital services to a range of enterprises and helps them manage their customer service forum.

They provide uniquely tailored outbound call centre services that match the requirements of the enterprise.

7. Destiny Global Solutions

Destiny Global Solutions revolutionised businesses and startups by providing call centre services.

Established in 2009, the company provides BPO voice-based services and provides transparent working for clients.

8. Infosearch BPO Services Pvt Ltd.

Serving both domestic and international customers since 2005, the company works with a strong team to deliver one of the best customer services with call centre outsourcing.

9. Valenta BPO Careers

Integrate smart customer service solutions with Valenta BPO Careers, working for its customers since 2014. Its advanced schemes and working procedure sets it apart from the rest.

10. Unee Solutions

The company has been serving global markets with its high tech outbound call centre services since 2006 and provides global solutions to digital marketing and call centre outsourcing.

Wrapping up

When it comes to call centre outsourcing, choosing the right company might be difficult.

Want to discover how does a call centre service provider integrate with your business? Find out here!

Well integrating with your business is never a problem with Key-CMS! We come with the best solutions to the outbound call centre requirements of a company.

We are one hub for all of your outsourcing needs. Out outbound call Centre services will accelerate your business and increase productivity with boosted user engagement.

Quality services are our trademark and customers are our utmost priority. When you choose Key-CMS, we guarantee that we will bring the best outbound call centre services to your company’s doorstep.

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