Reasons Why India is an Excellent Market for BPO Services

Have you ever heard that proverb?

‘Too many cooks spoil the broth.’

That’s exactly what happens when your company handles too many operations at once.

And, creates mismanagement in the system.

That’s why you need to find a BPO market that boosts your organizational prowess to another level.

Indian BPO Industry is one such market.

The importance of BPO services in India has been growing at quite an enormous rate over the last 2 decades.

The BPO industry in India has walked the path of tremendous growth in the last 10 years.

And still keeps growing at a greater rate.

India’s BPO industry is responsible for the world’s 56% of business process outsourcing.

Key-CMS adds uniqueness to outsourcing services in India which prove to be a bonus for your company.

Let’s take a look at what makes India an excellent market for your BPO services.

Economical Efficiency

Is the service cost-effective or not?

That is the first thing that pops up in your mind, right?

India’s economic costs for BPO services are much lower when compared to other outsourcing markets.

Indian labor resources are a tenth of the price of their American counterparts.

Not only the service, but your organization saves money on infrastructure and training.

Which makes it a win-win situation for your organization.

Any company can profit from significant cost savings on high-quality work.

High-quality work in comparatively low cost?

Yes, it’s possible.

Workforce with Expertise

English is one of the official languages of India.

It is also focused upon while hiring a candidate to work in a BPO Company.

So, that they can work on global levels.

The workforce is given a strict training in their department of the service which provides them expertise in the area.

An increasing number of Indian students are learning foreign languages, it allows them to broaden their scope of expertise.

With Key-CMS you can count on a top-notch service with highly trained personnel.

Over 74,400 Indians have been employed by the BPO industry in India.

The scope of this industry is so high that more than 1.1 million Indians would soon be employed in the BPO business in India.

Technology & Infrastructure

India’s BPO firms have a reputation for upholding high infrastructure and technology standards.

With cutting-edge technology on hand the firms are capable of providing high-quality service.

With the latest technology in the market, you can hold a position higher than other companies and compete effectively.

With an upgrade in technology, BPOs in India nowadays use Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) which are examples of technologies that can be used as a human-machine operating platform.

It combines the best people, processes, and technology to help you remodel their businesses.

With a new, more integrated operating model, it helps you lead to the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Risk Factor Reduction

The risk of launching a new product or service line, no matter how well-planned, is always high.

It has the potential to be either a huge success or a huge failure.

As a result, building a team for specific operations is not suggested due to the increased investment expenses.

Businesses might benefit from having an experienced workforce working for them at a cheaper cost by outsourcing procedures to India.

Support Available Around the Clock

For every business, time is money.

Do you agree?

India and European countries, as well as the United States, have a time difference of 5 to 12 hours.

Businesses can fulfil deadlines and work ahead of schedule since Indian BPO organizations are available 24*7.

Customers love being able to access services or get answers to their issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It enables you to provide round-the-clock service to your customers, regardless of their location.

And if customers stay happy, your reputation grows in the market even more.

Government Policies

India’s government has taken a number of steps to advertise the country as a safe place to outsource to international clients.

Having it’s own IT development plan, Indian government aids in the expansion of IT departments across the country.

In addition, the country has rigorous cyber laws that restrict cyber-criminal activities and ensure that the country is safe to deliver the best services.

Businesses all across the world were affected by the pandemic, which resulted in confusion and failure.

The outsourcing industry in India has also saw and faced this decline.

However, India is emerging as a worldwide outsourcing destination with the government’s initiative to liberalise the special dispensation granted to Other Service Providers (OSP).

On a Final Note

The points listed above are the primary reasons why India is an excellent outsourcing market.

For its efficient and consistent result-oriented services, India has established a positive image and a long-standing reputation around the world.

When dealing with the correct BPO services partner, you don’t have to compromise between security, dependable service, and confidence.

Without a question, India’s BPO services contribute to the growth of the economy along with your organization.

Key-CMS is one such trusted and reputed company who holds a strong market presence in the BPO industry.

And we take pride in providing the best services at reasonable as well as customized prices.Get in touch with us.

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