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Telecom Industry

A wide and complex industry like Telecom is plagued with large scale databases and unreliable storage system that need cost-effective and optimized practices brought in by expert outsourcing.

With ever-evolving technology and higher consumption of telecom data, the telecom industry is going through a transformative evolution that is in dire need of streamlining and rapid upscaling. The only way to effectively meet the constantly changing user consumption pattern and industry requirements is to integrate automation in relevant operations.
Our expertise in BPO and RPO can significantly contribute towards enhancing customer acquisition and retention, improving cash flow and implementing cost efficiency in finance, billing and accounting management.
Further, our keen focus on Information Technology can bring forth tangible results in data management, data analysis and reliable storage system to help Telecom industry address crucial gaps.
We consistently align our services to your needs so that you can gleam maximum profit out of your business.

BPO Services

Ease your burden as we take care of your functional area such as Customer Support, HR, Accounting, Administration, etc. We combine our expertise with operational excellence to provide you cost-effective business process solutions.

RPO Services

For any business, recruitment is a hassle that also consumes a lot of time. From head hunting to following up to scheduling interviews, we do it all.

IT Services

Our ever-evolving technology know-how is sure to empower your business and keep it seamless. We provide result-oriented web development, networking and other IT intensive services.

Why choose us for telecom services ?

Key-CMS has always been a business-oriented company looking to fill crucial gaps in any industry. Our best-in-class technology solutions and high-performing outsourced expertise proudly contributes towards making your operations seamless and highly scalable.
Reliable data management
Customer retention
Account Management
Cost reduction
KPO case studies

Get better results


58% conversion with great website usability - website development


58% conversion with great website usability - website development


58% conversion with great website usability - website development


Telecom firms can benefit from our expertise in BPO, RPO, and IT services.
Outsourcing will allow you to shift your absolute attention to the crucial services of your business while we take care of your backend processes that are relevant but also highly time consuming.
We adhere to strict protocols of ethics and transparency while dealing with any kind of transactions with our client. We make it absolute clear even in our contracts about ensuring hundred percent data confidentiality.
Yes, you will be assigned a specific point of contact who will keep you updated with all the requirements and tasks on a weekly basis or as you deem fit.
We have a wide and exhaustive pool of outsourced services that will be tailor-made to your specific requirements. If additional training is required, we will be happy to integrate the same to satisfy your standards.
Yes, absolutely. Our certified technology solutions and compliant protocols will protect your data against any kind of cyber attacks and vulnerabilities.

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