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Real estate Industry

Real estate firms are becoming smaller, more agile, more strategic, and outsourcing their operations helps the organization upskill correspondingly and exponentially.
While the goal of cost reduction remains, additional goals have evolved, such as supporting broader strategic outcomes such as employee well-being, contentment, and productivity, as well as real-time decision-making assistance. Outsourcing with Key-CMS is a novel approach to forming a strategic collaboration with us where we use advanced technology to expedite and standardize property management and produce great business results.
Key-CMS does not only work on a tactical level, it jointly takes strategic executional commands with world-class expertise which helps you achieve better by focusing on the core competencies which bring you strong business opportunities. Working with us brings stability and reliability to optimize your business operations.
Services we offer to the Real Estate Industry:

BPO Services

Key-CMS simplifies your complex documentation and transaction procedures and saves you time so you may focus on more important and crucial concerns.

KPO Services

We offer expert research and analytical solutions that bridge the gap between you and the market and make you stand out from your competitors.


The Real Estate industry demands time and transactions can be quite a tedious process when you lack time. Key-CMS seamlessly manages your funds for efficient and accurate accounting.

IT Services

IT Services from Key- CMS assists you to get in touch with more clients and customers and build a strong network for your business.

Market Research Services

Intensive and comprehensive market research with Key-CMS opens new possibilities to capture the market share.

Digital Marketing Services

Broaden your reach and begin more robust property marketing initiatives to boost your Real Estate business with extensive growth.

Why choose us for your Real Estate Business?

Expertise in the Real Estate industry streamlines your growth and Key-CMS constructs such strategies that benefit you in every possible way, from reducing costs to creating successful campaigns.
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Offload Your Work
stand out
Stand out Against Competitors
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Cut Costs
boost business inteliigence
Boost Business Intelligence
KPO case studies

Get better results

Mask Group


58% conversion with great website usability - website development

Mask Group


58% conversion with great website usability - website development

Mask Group


58% conversion with great website usability - website development


Of course, our services are designed to serve you so you won’t lose any control of your operations. We can also discuss the level of involvement in the workflow.
We value privacy and data and that is why we stick to a proper course of action that will make sure that none of your data is harmed.
If you plan to come on board with us, we will discuss the most convenient time of communication for you which matches your time zone so that it does not create a barrier of communication.

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