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Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has an increasingly high demand for optimizing and outsourcing research, infrastructure & equipment upkeep to ensure optimal usage of its resources.
The increasing costs of healthcare, rapid technological adaptations and evolving physician-hospital-patient dynamics have pushed the healthcare industry to reconsider its business and delivery processes. This has opened doors for the scope of outsourcing in the Healthcare sector. Using external resources for IT, accounting, marketing and related tasks allow medical institutions to focus their time, efforts & resources on field-related research and innovations.
Key-CMS’s wide basket of offerings provides you with a customized combination of services that fit your business. Skilled at everything from enhancing your financial performance, BPO, knowledge & research process, accounting & IT to marketing research & recruitment process, we optimize your business operations, no matter the nature or scale of your healthcare organization.


Our accounting services help to maintain the day-to-day accounting operations for your business.

Call Center

Our professional call center agents further ensure that all your customer queries are answered in the best manner.

Research and Analysis

KCMS offers in-depth research, and analysis reports to assist your business in making the right operational decisions.

Website Development

Our developers are experienced in industry-wide practices and follow an Agile development methodology.

Why choose us for your Healthcare firm?

Having served hospitals, clinics and medical organizations, Key-CMS helps you polish your customer experience. Committed to optimizing your services with a focus on the needs of your clients, we ace at adapting to your business’s individual requirements.
Cost reduction
Easy accessibility
Data security
Increased productivity
KPO case studies

Get better results


58% conversion with great website usability - website development


58% conversion with great website usability - website development


58% conversion with great website usability - website development


Healthcare firms can benefit from our BPO, KPO, Accounting, RPO, IT and Market Research services.
Outsourcing allows you time for patient care and helps professionals offer top-notch quality care. It reduces the workload of the medical team especially with handling redundant tasks such as administration, overall enhancing patient satisfaction.
Outsourcing accounting helps you with cheap, timely and skilled labor which eventually reduces your operational costs, optimizing your business. Since your accounts are managed by skilled experts, it also ensures error-free processing and zero document management for your team.

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