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what do we do?

It takes an idea to start a business. It takes a herd of services to sustain it.

Key Carrier Management Service offers a host of such services that enhances your business driving them towards optimum growth and scalability. Backed by 11 years of experience in outsourcing services, we continue to circle back on our philosophy of providing you – our clients – maximised value. Our diverse portfolio stands testimony to that.
To deliver the best possible experience, we aid your business with outsourcing solutions that include but not limited to voice as well as non-voice processes, BPO, KPO, Accounting Service, Remote Staffing, Digital Marketing, and more.
While you serve your clients with your best output, we redirect our efforts to help you improve your outputs with our customer-focussed technology aided solutions. From optimising your management to taking over telemarketing on your behalf, we dive deep into your business and catalyse your operations in a way that you stay ahead of the curve.
Our dedicated team specialising into Information Technology (IT) unearth every possible stone to innovate and integrate time saving solutions into your business. Our highly-equipped infrastructure of 120 resources has worked across diverse industries, including clients from the US, over the last decade and we are soon to expand to 500.
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Our Vision
To become the most trusted outsourcing asset to businesses across verticals globally.
our mission
To innovate and upgrade our solutions that empower businesses helping them create impact.



Accounting Services


Digital Marketing

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Our Team

Get to know us

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Alok Koshti - Founder

Alok Koshti, the Founder of Key Carrier Management Service Private Limited (KCMS) holds not just one but several successful companies under him. In 2018, he launched Key-CMS with an idea to smoothen business operations for busy CEOs and executives with offshore business solutions. Alok has always appreciated the support that keeping up with the latest technology and hiring can bring a business. With his expertise and the support of an exquisite team, he has now made Key-CMS one of the leading Offshore Business Solutions providers.
Alok is responsible for Business Development by marketing and retaining clients and getting business in several verticals that the company works for while also looking after the technical development of IT Infrastructure for making work easier.

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Tushar Sharma - Co-Founder

Tushar’s passion and drive to bring about changes pushed him through the ranks, landing him in a place to become responsible for setting up new processes in the company. With a focus on optimizing scripts, ensuring thorough training and uplifting quality standards, he keeps a close eye on all the aspects related to a project. Tushar enjoys personally analyzing reports to personally come up with unique solutions to improve quality standards for projects.


Pradip Ingale - Co-Founder

Rising in rank through his sheer dedication and expertise in the field, Pradip has now become an integral part of KCMS. He has a keen eye for proactively identifying and resolving problems, making him a great fit for handling product and process updates as per client requirements. His specialized knowledge and experience in data analysis help the company ensure that optimal quality standards are maintained and loopholes minimized.

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